Annual Inpatients

33,000 +

Annual Outpatient

240,000 +

Annual Maternity

11,384 +


Ave. annual inpatient admissions – 33,000

Ave. annual Outpatient visits – 240,000

Ave. annual Maternity deliveries – 11,384

Coast province General Hospital has come a long way  in service provision from the pre-colonial native hospital to the current 700 bed hospital

The post devolution era has seen great improvements in infrastructure through renovation and equipping of the  wards through Friends of the Governor ,  and other donors. New specialized services such as Renal Dialysis , and Oncology were started.   The ICU has been expanded by the MES program to the current 12 bed plus 3-bed HDU. A new 8- HDU for Maternity was renovated using FIF and equipped through Safaricom Foundation.

The hospital has Cardiac services that have been enhanced by use of the Aga Khan Hospital Mombasa Catheter Lab.